Don’t forget that guest post you need to write – Where’s that email address? – I need to sort out my inbox – I’ll do it later – The tumble drier’s finished – Change the bed sheets – Noah’s run out of Nurofen – Write it down on the list – Where’s the pen? – Fuck, I need to call the vets – Have we got anything for dinner? – Check the freezer in a minute – Write down that blog post idea – Where’s the pen? – Charge phone – Text mum – Change the bed sheets – Reply to comments – Photos, you haven’t taken any bloody photos – Sort out SD card – Ask OH to sort out SD card – CALL THE VETS – Tea, I need tea first – Sort out Noah’s Pokemon cards – They’re every-fucking-where – Write it down on the list  – Only an hour until you need to pick him up – Check emails – Put kettle on – CALL THE VETS FFS – Just need to read these emails quickly – Reply to emails – Oh shit, the bed sheets – No, call the vets first – Tea, where’s my tea? – I didn’t make it – Put the kettle on again – Reply to comments as kettle boils – Check time, 45 mins – Leave the comments – Change the sheets – Collect dirty washing from upstairs – Empty bin – Oh CHRIST what has that child done to the toilet? – Where’s the toilet cleaner? – Can’t find any, add it to the list – WHERE’S THE PEN? – Make tea – That’s it, where have all the pens gone? – Check the cupboards – Check the bookcase – Nope – Fuck’s sake, buy a new pen – Dig out change from pockets and purse for a pen – SHITCUNTS, CALL THE VETS – Right, sorted – How long now? – 20 minutes – Dinner, what can we have for dinner? – Sod all, do a Tesco order tonight – Have you taken your pills for today? – Check emails – Reply to emails –  Raid cupboards for after-school snack for Noah – Shit, gotta go – WHERE ARE MY KEYS – Gonna be late – Leave – Text Mum while walking jogging – Forgot money for pen – Not enough time to go back – Already late – Fuck’s sake.

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