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Spider Crush Forage Review

Just in time for Halloween, HoyosLTD have launched Spider Crush Forage; a free-to-download app on Google Play. Quick to install (storage is 60.14mb); the game immediately jumps into life as creepy-crawly tarantulas cascade down the screen! Horribly realistic (in a good way), these arachnids instantly get you in the mood to crush some…..jelly. Close enough. From the vibrant green hue, to the spooky webbing effect, it’s clear from the off that this is the perfect game for pumpkin season.

You begin with 16 moves, and must burst 24 jellies within those confinements. Unlike most games that ease you in gently, SCF starts as it means to continue – tough. If you’re like me, this is right up your street. With 50 levels to complete, it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll be coming back time and again to master this fantastic puzzle app. Fortunately, I always have an expert to salvage my dignity if things get too hairy; namely, my 8yr old. From the perspective of the younger gamer, he enjoyed it immensely and it’s now in his top 5 games of the week (quite the honour).

SCF is free to play, but your experience can also be enhanced with in-app purchases. These include all manner of things: seed packs, extra lives, extra time boosters, spoon boosters, bomb boosters, ladybird boosters, rainbow boosters, shaker boosters and the particularly intriguing hand boosters. So lots of boosters, then. I personally didn’t purchase any extras, and am glad to confirm that the game can be enjoyed without them if you so desire. For free-to-play stalwarts like myself, there is a welcomed Wheel of Fortune feature that rewards daily commitment. Addictive, fun and challenging, combined with strong graphics and infinite replay value, Spider Crush Forage comes highly recommended.

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