I’m Cas, I’m 30 and live on the South East Coast of England.

I live with my partner and our 8 year old son Noah, who is hellbent on ruining the last dregs of my nerves and anything vaguely nice in our house.

I write predominantly and very honestly about my mental health (bipolar disorder / cyclothymia) and the effect it has on my everyday life while I swan-dive blindly through motherhood.

I have no filter and swear a little too much. (Sorry Mum).

To keep me going I do a lot of home improvements and “projects” – generally all done at 3am when I can’t sleep and have more than 2 minutes of silence. I run jog stagger regularly and try to take an interest in my health. Ignore the biscuit crumbs, they’re from the kid.

My updates on here can be somewhat erratic but if you need me for anything, just drop me an email.